Malcolm McLaren – last time round the outside

There will no doubt be an emphasis on Malcolm McLaren’s  Sex Pistol time.  For me it was what he did after that is his legacy.     He managed Adam and the Ants, then Bow Wow Wow before releasing his own music,  Buffalo Girls, Waltz Darling, Deep in Vogue (1989, before Madonna’s 1990 Vogue) and the beautiful Aria on Air, used as a British Airways commercial

McLaren represented to a 16 yr old Australian girl everything that was London in Fashion and Music in the extraordinary time and place that was the early 80’s.  He was a manager that influenced his bands and singers with style  and content.

To Adam Ant he pushed African drums sounds and American Indian hair and face paint.   Bow Wow Wow wore Vivienne Westwood, in particular the pirate boots and swiggly patterned shirts,  items which now Kate Moss wears as vintage

So I’ll take you back to 1983.   I wanted to be a Buffalo Girl, with a full skirt that twirled when I danced, over teased hair with a few tiny plaits, and a ripped black top hanging half of the shoulder.   The skirt was made by my neighbour, Kathy, and we hung it to the Hills Hoist.  Next we grabbed brushes and paints, spun the clothes line around and threw paint at the big white skirt.   Blue Poles meets Backyard Fashion.  I wore it to The Stranded nightclub that night.

Courtney Awesome –  has scanned some great images and exerts from the Sex Pistols book.  You can’t beat a scanner sometime.


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