Validating Vintage

It’s been months since I visited a vintage store and last Saturday I took two Chinese journalists around Sydney’s best vintage stores.

While preparing for the trip, the question came to me.. what am I looking for?  With the onset of summer and all the functions that produces, my focus has been on current fashion.  The whites, corals and abstract prints I am desiring.  But what can vintage offer this season?

I was startled to think of nothing, because I can’t think what vintage can offer me..  I’d lost my vintage mojo.   I have a 50’s dress, sandals, scarves, skirts, a good swimming costume, hats and basically enough of what I need.

As a recent mother life is about shirts, shorts and jeans.  I hardly need anything beyond what’s in my wardrobe,  but I need to know what to guide my vintage loving clients towards.

My clients were young, hip & from Shanghai.  She was a gorgeous Karen O/ Yeah Yeah Yeahs lookalike who floored me with the information, that there are no vintage shops in China.

Everyone sees in Vintage so much memory and current needs.  While the shops were full of Mad Men style dresses and accessories,  my young Chinese clients headed towards the grunge,  the festival wear and the sixties mod look.   She bought small clip-on earrings, siting a lack of such a style back home.

It’s strange what we buy on holidays or overseas, all the things we can’t buy are available somewhere else, in a shop or on a shelf in another country.  Items are valued differently, treated and desired less, as the store owner targets their well known customer needs, and not the unknown needs of visitors.

Vintage is not what  you are looking for , but what you can find.  I forgot these rules as I found interesting mesh items in Grandma takes a Trip,  African prints in Zoo Emporium,  Kiminos in Shag and classic white shirts in the Antique Centre.   A trip around the vintage stores proved there are always things to find & they are there to compliment the seasonal fashion needs.




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