Gut band wagon

I’m susceptable to fashions; to the zeitgeist of life.  This month I’ve been reading about The Gut, probiotics and prebiotics.  As I near a definitive end of middle age (not 40 but the other one) my digestion is changing.   The thought of eating endless plates of pasta and meat is no longer what my stomach calls a meal.  Never a vegetarian I am increasingly trying for more vegetables, more grains and those digestive things like drinks and fermented milks.

Giulia Enders is the poster child scientist for the gut.  Her book ‘The Gut’ is humourous and illustrated.  You can listen to her podcast with Richard Feilder here.

Micheal Mosley, the 5:2 diet doctor has done TV show research on gut bacteria.

Doing some gut research I’ve focused on prebiotics, as well as more vegetable recipes, which I will also share in this post.

Prebiotics are about adding the right bacteria to your gut.  I thought yoghurts would do this  but there are fermented milk drinks that have more of the right bacteria for the gut.  I didn’t realise there is a whole industry of home brewing and cultures for you to do at home.  Kombucha is popular but I’m not convinced this has the most beneficial bacteria.  Research has lead me to Kefir, (sounds like Keifer as in Sutherland),  a fermented sour milk drink, originating from somewhere where crazy horsemen carry goat bags of milk around and drink the sour stuff.

You have to have the starter culture to make kefir (if you want to do this at home) which I obtained from a website called Pink Farm.   They list by State, City and Suburb people who can share kombucha scobies, sour dough starter and kefir grains.  The lovely woman who gave me the grains also helped me understand how to use it.   You Tube is also a great place to watch weird Americans in their isolated kitchens make kefir.

It’s only been a week.  I tried giving it to the kids, disguised as smoothies, who were totally random about drinking it.  Because the lactose has been taken out of it the full feeling (also the bloating feeling) is not quite there so I’ll give it a month.

Monday is my fasting day.  The kids are both at school.  I’m full from all the bitsy weekend food and the house is quiet.  I find when I fast I have to do something to not think about mindless snacking.  So here I am doing a bit of writing.

I’ve made this baked vegetable recipe, from Lyndey Milan, twice now.  First time I did all the parts, the pastry, the vegies and the tapenade.  Second time I just did the vegies, which I mixed with salads, rice or pasta.  It will keep in the fridge for a few days once made.

Fish is another food I’m trying to eat more of.   From the library I borrowed ‘The Australian Fish & Seafood Cookbook‘ which I’m impressed by and have wish-listed it on Booktopia.  I visited Faros Bros in Marrickville for fresh fish and was amazed that One Mackeral was only $3.60 (I pickled this) and 4 Yellowtails were $2.50. Which I filleted and fried for dinner.  I tried to do the filleting.  Obvs I need to practice more.  Completely butchered.

If anyone has any questions or feedback, comment below.









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