Improving my cranky face

Parenting is a world of being in charge and I needed a haircut that gives me that gravitas, that ‘clean up your room now’ look.    Who better than Helen Mirren and her Prime Suspect face.


Prime Suspect 1

Helen Mirren as DCI Jane Tennison
Copyright Granada Television

For comparison, does the ‘I’m in charge’ face change when she has longer hair?


Can short hair change your whole career?


When a suit of armour and a quest to bring the family back together calls;  short hair is required. Also clean up your room!


There is always a fine balance with short hair, age and make up.   Too short and too blonde ?


I saw Brigitte Nielsen once in a nightclub and thought, she has a small head.   Best to avoid short hair on a pinhead.   Sometimes you need a bit of hair for balance.




Being French and having short hair looks chic and intelligent without a cranky face.


Ines and Karl looking very serious about a loose shoulder pad.

Ines de la Fressange

The french hip-hop sultry look.  As done by Ines de la Fressange


Another long hair career changing moment.  From Princess Buttercup to…


Claire Underwood.  Can you be as fierce and demonic with long hair?


Loved by the people and with short hair.   I think they didn’t need to clean their rooms themselves.

A year ago I cut my hair short for the first time since a disastrous cut when I was 14.   I never thought I had ‘the face’ for short hair and I would look less feminine. I now enjoy seeing the varieties of short hair and the styles that follow.  There are wrong ways of doing any type of hair so it’s not a given that the hair will work but I’m happy I took that risk.







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