Shops are my life.  I’ve worked front, back and centre in some of  Sydney’s most prestigious stores, run my own store and of course shopped all my life.  I’m fascinated with the flow and atmosphere of a store.  What makes customers loyal. Is it service, the product, the layout ?  I now help Pop-Up stores, advise on products to stock, the hottest areas in Sydney and how to make your retail business more successful.

Shops are also the conversations I have with people.  Where they can buy something from classic trousers to the latest hot jeans brand and which shops to visit in a different part of Sydney.   There’s not much I don’t know about Sydney stores.

If you are looking for something leave a comment and I’ll find some shop options for you.

If you know of a new store, want to tell us about a favourite, even if you’re launching one, or have a product to promote, send an email or leave a comment.

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